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Automated CEO®️
Operating System




“I’ve been a slave to my business and I’m over it” Sound like a phrase that has brought you here?


You're either a local business or you’re looking to make the pivot to start selling your expertise online! Am I right?


Perfect! We’ve done a little housekeeping for you. When you see 🖐️ you’ll have the option to keep reading or skip ahead. You down?! Cool

So one thing you should know about us, we create businesses that remove owner dependence. That means- once we lay the foundation, your business is running without you. No rookie mistakes or hustle needed here!

You launched your business to gain time freedom, financial freedom and location freedom in your everyday life...not to spend hours of time elbows deep in administrative work, confusing funnels, chasing new clients, onboarding, and overly repeating yourself in miscommunications.


Processes get simplified here!

The old way

You're the muscle holding up all 4 walls. You’re both front and backend of your business. The moment you take a day off, your operation starts coming loose at the steams. So when you are the lead player in sales, marketing, client relations, admin support, HR, finance and more when do you reap the benefits of being a CEO?!


Putting out fires, loosing income and dodging chaos almost every time you step away is not the vibe!


As a business owner, you're probably thinking "I shouldn't be working this hard."

The new way

You're now creating a streamlined system through the Start. Scale. Sail framework. All aspects of client and staff journey are well documented, systemized and trained. This now allows you to run a business that works FOR you, so you can spend more time actually enjoying the people or places that bring you joy. (And I'm willing to bet, that has NOT happened wearing all the hats)


Open the gates to Automated CEO®️ Operating System
12-month access to our signature curriculum for driven entrepreneurs like you who are ready to IDENTIFY & CLEAR BUSINESS BOTTLENECKS, so you can feel confident letting your legacy run on its own.

I'm Natasha, map-minder helping you remove owner dependence. I've spent the last 20 years between the automotive industry and the pet industry creating seamless processes and training programs to efficiently run high performance teams for million- dollar businesses, including my own. I've hired hundreds of contractors and employees in my lifetime, understanding the value in, strong systems, automation, delegation and structured documentation.

Meet The Founder

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So here’s the ingredients to your transformation


Vehicle- Automated CEO curriculum

Check Points- Plug and Play Templates

The drivers- Natasha & Alumni Coaches

Then theres YOU 💪🏽


So.... the million-dollar question, how long can you step away without loosing it all?


1 day, 1 month, 1 year.


🖐️If the current answer is any of these scroll to the bottom to join us

We’re building a legacy that operates with or without you


Take control of your business & life with Automated CEO®️




If you hate long sales pages like me


Swipe directly to the bottom, your type A is showing 😉


If you’re intrigued… Keep reading, we included it all

Listen, the biggest mistake in scaling a business is working 24/7 hoping for the day you figure it out.

Having proven systems, training processes, and automation in place is what sets apart the businesses who are leaving their 9-5 to work 24/7, from those who are truly THRIVING as the leader.

So here's where we're going...

Imagine a life...


Where you're building a thriving business, making an impact on more lives, and creating a legacy for future generations.


(Yes, generations!)

Imagine a life...

With more freedom to travel, to fund your own maternity leave, to pursue your hobbies, to spend more quality time with your loved ones or to just check out for the day if you choose to.

Imagine a life...


Where you have more space to slow down, to feel in control, to

pursue that big goal on your personal bucket list.


You'd probably start to even feel fulfilled and check the box off on the many reasons you became a business owner. Am I right?


Real transformation


Allows you to sleep peacefully | Wake up to new transactions | Reduce the repetitive questions | Remove team chaos and frustration | Cultivate longevity in company culture | Increase productivity

Automated CEO is an action to reality program


Inside our exclusive academy, you'll be guided through the Start, Scale, Sail Lifecycle®️ to help you systematize your biz, without your constant involvement.

Our team of integrators help you transfer what's in your mind to a duplicated process. We'll help you identify the holes to move forward in proven and actionable ways.


program is

for you if..

You're in need of a powerful blend of community support and itemized action steps


You're looking to scale beyond the CEO without requiring you to do the most


You want to build client loyalty in your offer


You want automation to do the mundane lifting


You want to lead your team to self-start and implement


You prefer straight paths, no chaser


... then you're in the right place.


Owners that don't plan to hire


Not making consistent monthly revenue


Not willing to put in 5-7 hours a week on development


Not ready to lead yourself and a team


Not looking to add or switch to the necessary automation tools to scale


program is not for...

How We Deliver

💗Bi-Weekly 60 min Live coaching and recorded masterclass


💗24/7 Access to On- Demand Expert Advice to your personal questions


💗Access to 24+ months Masterclass vault


🥂Accountability from like- minded doers


🥂Save time accomplishing your business goals with a front row seat

a-6 - Copy.png

So now you can stop praying and waiting for your dream business, you can create it. Just to warn you, your confidence after clarity hits different. Leadership looks good on you! We'll see you inside.


Since going the group, I’ve implemented so much in my business. I sincerely appreciate the group calls and instant feedback.


Since going the group, I’ve implemented so much in my business. I sincerely appreciate the group calls and instant feedback.


Since going the group, I’ve implemented so much in my business. I sincerely appreciate the group calls and instant feedback.

Operating Systems

TOTAL: $147


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