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In This CEO Challenge, You'll Learn How To…

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Step Into

the CEO Seat

Where You Will Structure Your Operation To Remove
Owner Dependence 

Without Burn out or Chaos

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During this 5-day event, we teach you how to level up your business!

Day 1: Visionary

Day 2: Scalable Offers

Day 3: Systems that Sell

Day 4: Irresistible Brand

Day 5: Delegating- Hiring a Team

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Visionary and Integrator (VI) Natasha O’Banion stepped out on blind faith to stop trading time for financial freedom. Then, an Automotive Financial Sales Manager, Natasha decided to start over. Without much thought, she packed up her life in Washington, DC for the sunny state of Florida. A true dog lover, Natasha and her two dogs Renzo and Ruby enjoyed five months on the beach before deciding to start a pet care business. Her business scaled to 6 figures in just 6 months by having a clear plan on the company, people, and process. Her process now duplicates in four states as she continues the mission to help business owners create operations that work on their terms.


Now wife and mother to three beautiful girls, Natasha wholeheartedly believes and exemplifies that your business should work for you and your family. Your vision—the destination, your team—the driver, and your systems—direct traffic. 


When Natasha isn’t helping her clients, you can find her traveling with children or spending time at the park with their four fur babies.

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Date : Instant Access

Start on the date of your choice  

Day 1 - Visionary

Day 2 - Scalable Offers

Day 3 - Systems that Sell

Day 4 - Irresistible Brand 

Day 5 - Delegating- Hire a Team 

Bonus- COI


Why people love the CEO Challenge!

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Natasha and her team helped me completely automate my entire business. I was able to enjoy my pregnancy and create my own maternity leave away from my business

I'm all about SOPs! Now having a training program has saved me so much time. I'm onboarding staff in half the time while preparing for more time away from my business. Seriously a life changer!

Carla Tittle

I was able to build out all the systems and processes my company desperately needed. It was great to have another set of eyes on my operation. Thank you so much Natasha!

Courtney Ceacel

I was a little reluctant to raise prices. Automated CEO help me not only raise prices, but double them with a subscription model. We retrained client expectations and now looking to expand to a new city. Natasha is the real deal!

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Will there be a Facebook group?

Yes! Meet like minds who are also taking the challenge.

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Is the challenge recorded?

Recordings are live in the Facebook group until the last day of the challenge.

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Is there an opportunity to get follow up help from the Automated CEO team after the challenge?

Yes, you can apply to work further with our team at any point in the challenge. 

Are you up for the challenge?

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