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Automated CEO - Small Business Operating System 

Change the way you operate by creating a turn key system all in one place.
One that doesn't require your daily involvement.
Our System

With the Automated CEO system, you can take a break and start assigning tasks to your team right away. Our ready-to-use operating system is fully set up. You can easily customize our pre-made "departments" for Operations, Growth, Delivery, Fulfillment, and Executive roles for yourself or your team.

Our Mission

Our mission at Automated CEO is to empower entrepreneurs to build efficient, scalable businesses that don't require the owner to carry the business on their back. We implement robust systems that allow operations to run independently, freeing leaders to focus on growth and innovation. We aim to prevent burnout, foster strong leadership, and create sustainable success.

Our Approach

Business owners are busy, so we do most of the heavy lifting for you. Our process thoroughly extracts your knowledge and integrates it into a turn key system. We use the latest technology to support your AC journey. Running a business that operates without you requires upfront effort for long-term gain. 

Who are we

Local Business Owners Like You


Jennifer M.

Home Service Provider


Structured her business to scale from 2-15 Employees, delegating all operational tasks. Jennifer is preparing for retirement! "I now feel in control, departments are clean and everyone knows what to do. Peace of mind I didn't know I needed" -Jennifer


Courtney C.

Waste Management 


Raised rates and implemented a membership model, Courtney removed himself from the business to vacation regularly with his wife. "I knew our services was worth more, I just wasn't sure how to articulate this to our members and be able to take care of our team" -Courtney


Kaila P.

Design Coach


Used our system to automate and document all processes to prep her business for sale. Her efforts yielded a multi six figure acquisition. "Automated CEO is 100% the reason why our business appraised for what it did" -Kaila


Carla T.

Pet Care Provider


Took her first 3 week dream vacation to Egypt while her business ran on its own. "You don't know what you don't know, Automated CEO helped us build our business in sequence" -Carla

How it works
Jennifer Morrone, Virginia Beach 
I'm all about SOPs! Now having a training program has saved me so much time. I'm onboarding staff in half the time while preparing for more time away from my business. Seriously a life changer!
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Become a Member

Stepping away from your business has never been easier. You no longer need to worry if things will be handled the way you would handle them. Become a confident owner with a structured front and back end. You're one step closer to becoming an Automated CEO.

Partner With Us

Every year, AC Ventures partners with our members to equity share and joining their executive leadership teams. Together, we work towards growing the company to greater heights.

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